A Content Strategy & Copywriting Course to Grow a 6-Figure Web Design Business

Step-by-step guidance, templates, and frameworks to better serve your clients

Ran Segall

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“I’ve just completed WriteSite – and it’s really great! In this course, you will learn exactly how to write every single page on your website in just 7 days!”

Why don’t more designers help their clients with content?

“Content isn’t my job, it’s the client’s job”

says the frustrated web designer.

Web designers who push content onto their clients deal with the same problems over and over again: stalled projects because of content delays, websites that don’t perform well because the message isn’t great, and clients who are frustrated because they wanted more guidance.

“I’m not a copywriter”

says the unsure web designer.

Web designers underestimate what’s possible if they had the right tools at their fingertips. Good copywriting follows proven formulas and frameworks. If you know how to use them, writing isn’t too difficult.

“My clients won’t pay for content strategy”

says the poor web designer.

Clients are willing to pay for anything if it helps them make more money. They’ll pay for content strategy because they intuitively know a nice website isn’t enough to convince people to buy. It’s also the message. When you help them, they’ll thank you and pay you handsomely for it.

“I don’t have time to learn one more thing”

says the overwhelmed web designer.

As design tools become easier, your clients will find cheaper and cheaper ways to get their websites built. To stay relevant, it’s important to learn skills that complement your work to help you stand out from budget designers. In fact, one might say you don’t have time to wait to learn copywriting and content strategy.

The happiest and highest-paid designers embrace design and content

6-Figure web designers understand that content is the foundation for high-performing websites that make their clients lots of money. Instead of pushing this vital component off on clients, they treat content development with equal importance as design.

Become a website content strategist and copywriting expert in just 7 Days

Eliminate content delays

Pushing content off on your client inevitably leads to delays. The only reason this process takes so long is because designers fail to provide the right guidance.

Double your rates

It’s difficult to push past $5k projects when only providing design services. By adding content strategy and copywriting designers can easily double or even triple their rates.

Stand out from the competition

When other designers say “I don’t touch copy” you can say “I build complete websites.” Clients will pay you more because you provide the service they need.

These students are living proof

What’s in the Course 

Over 40 How-to Videos

2 complete website demos: leading content strategy sessions, building wireframes, and writing copy for the entire website

Templates and formulas to follow for every step of the process

Expertly Lead Content Strategy & Customer Research

Clients will see you as a trusted guide when you lead them through a strategy session that brings clarity around their brand message and business. These sessions help you build tremendous trust with your clients and give you the info needed to wireframe and write copy for the most convincing website message ever.

What’s Included:

  • The mindset of 6-Figure web designers
  • The 39 Questions Every Website Needs to Answer to lead a strategy session
  • Understanding the target audience with customer research questions
  • Strategy session examples for 2 businesses

DAYS 2-3
Generate Highly-Engaging Homepages

The homepage does the heavy lifting for every website. In just a few precious seconds you need to convince a reader to stick around, and if they do, need to convince them the product or service is worth buying.

What’s Included:

  • How to lower bounce rates with impressive headers
  • All the components of a header: headlines, subheadlines, images, call to action buttons, and navigation bars
  • How to successfully lay out and write the 10 sections needed for a compelling homepage
  • Wireframe and copy examples for 2 businesses

Attract Loyal Followers with a Trustworthy About Page

About pages are one of the most visited pages on a website. Unfortunately, businesses don’t take advantage of this web traffic and instead fill them with useless and boring information. This day will walk you through how to position the brand so visitors see the brand as trustworthy.

What’s Included:

  • Writing a company summary that’s really about the customer
  • Telling the founder’s story to attract raving fans
  • Creating compelling team bios
  • Wireframe and copy examples for 2 businesses

Wireframe and Write Supporting Pages Like a Pro

At this point in the website, one might be tempted to get the client to provide any old technical jargon to fill up page space. We’ll walk you through how each of these sections and pages are opportunities to tell compelling narratives that continue to add value to the entire website.

What’s Included:

  • Service pages with service descriptions that tell a persuasive story
  • Product pages with valued filled product descriptions
  • Careers pages that make top talent want to work with you
  • Wireframe and copy examples for 2 businesses

Get to Design Faster With A Templatized Process

Make money faster by completing projects faster. Templates and formulas allow you to get from point A to point B more quickly. We’ll help make your web copywriting easy by providing you with our trusted tips, tricks, copywriting formulas, and downloadable wireframe templates.

What’s Included:

  • Copywriting tips
  • Copywriting formulas
  • Downloadable wireframe templates

Grow A 6-Figure Web Design Business

This course will arm you with the tools to pull in a 6-figure income year after year. To do this, you’ll need to know how to sell the value of message strategy and website content development to your clients.

What’s Included:

  • The mindset of confident sellers
  • Offering guarantees
  • Creating an easy sales process
  • The sales call script
  • One page proposals
  • Overcoming commons sales objections

Preview course videos below:

Included in WriteSite:

Wireframe Templates
‘Essential Questions’ Worksheet
Copywriting Formulas
Over 40 How-to Videos

$2000 value

Bonus #1

Customer Interview Clarity Worksheet

$250 value

Bonus #2

Sales Call Script for Closing

$500 value

Bonus #3

The Winning Proposal Template

$250 value

Bonus #4

Overcome Common Sales Objections

$500 value

Bonus #5

Private Facebook Group

✓ Guidance from our team
✓ Free monthly trainings
✓ Group feedback on your projects
✓ Expand your creative network

$500 value

Student success stories

Bodie Quirk

Web Designer

“WriteSite has seriously helped me level up. It gave me the process AND the confidence to ask 3x more than I have ever made on a site before.”

Alexander van Aken

Web Designer

“I thought I knew most ins and outs of copywriting. I guess I was wrong. This course is amazing! Definitely recommended!”

Lee Mowlem

Web Designer

“Getting content out of clients has been a huge headache since I started my web design business. It has caused client overwhelm, projects to drag on, and my own deep frustration. WriteSite was the answer to all my prayers. It guides you section by section, giving you research guidance, examples, and formulas to make writing easy and a joy! This is revolutionary!”

Larry James

Web Designer

“Once I got started I did not want to stop learning. It’s not that I could not write, it is just I didn’t know what to write, and how to present it. What this course has taught and provided me is going to have a big impact on my web design business, I will be able to add copywriting to my services and increase my revenue. My clients will benefit with copy that converts.”

Ashlynn Ellis

Web Designer

“As a web designer, the most difficult part of completing projects was waiting for client copy. Then, I came across WriteSite. Now, not only do I keep projects moving on my timeline, but I’ve raised my rates because of the value I bring to the content. I wholeheartedly recommend this!”


Web Designer

“I had a few notions of copywriting good practices, but everything felt blurry and confused. The course gave me everything I needed to feel confident writing copy for my clients and leveled up my UX skills to wireframe great pages that convert. Not only is the course amazing, but the coaching calls in the group are so valuable.”

Kim Kopec

Web Designer

“After the first module I was so inspired, I rewrote my own content and restructured (upped!!) my pricing. I now have a client at my higher price point and am excited for the upcoming project.”

Kayleigh Mackenzie

Web Designer

“It’s something that’s so simple yet so effective! It is all making me feel more confident with writing.”

What’s the cost of NOT including content strategy with your websites?

Without the additional guidance that content strategy provides, your clients won’t be willing to pay premium prices. This is a big missed opportunity for all designers. Then, pile on the continued frustration that delays bring (not just with content, but also with your payments), and you may feel burnout and a sense of defeat. This is not why you became a web designer!

Total value:


Your investment: $695


Over 40 How-to Videos


Wireframe Templates


Copywriting Formulas


Strategy Worksheets


Customer Interview Worksheet


Sales Call Script


Overcoming Sales Objections


Proposal Template




(tax included- US, VAT, GST)

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(tax included- US, VAT, GST)

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SAVE $200!

Watch our free training video for the code:


WriteSite pays for itself!

With the knowledge and tools from WriteSite, you’ll easily be able to offer content strategy and copywriting to all your web clients. You can cover the cost of the course by providing this service for an initial fee of $1000. From that point forward, you can continue to increase the cost. We often charge $5,000 and more for content strategy and wireframes alone!

Meet Your Instructors

We are creative entrepreneurs. Both our careers led us to the creative service industry designing logos, building websites, and creating content for businesses who needed help becoming more profitable brands. In the early days, we sold budget websites always pushing for the next project to pay the bills. Since focusing on website strategy, instead of just design, we are attract higher budget clients and have built 6 figure website design businesses. We are excited to have you here and look forward to helping you grow your business!

Matt Carroll

Web Designer & Brand Strategist


Damian Vallelonga

Web Designer & Brand Strategist



How long do I have access to the course?

The course is designed to be taken in 7 days, but you will have access to the course forever.

Can’t I learn all of this on Youtube?

Youtube is a wonderful resource to learn skills at becoming a more valuable website designer. We love Youtube! However the goal of this course is to help you learn content strategy skills fast. It’s difficult finding an all encompassing content strategy to follow for web designers on Youtube. We package this course for you to easily follow and apply skills fast so you can earn more per website quick.

Do you offer a money-back guarantee?

Yes! We think you’ll get a lot out of this course, but if you’re not happy we’ll refund your money within 7 days of enrollment, no questions asked.

How much money can I make from adding content into my services?

Once you are proficient at content strategy and writing great website copy you can easily charge the same (or more) for content as what you charge for design. For example if you charge $4000 for website design you could easily charge $4000 for content strategy and website copy. We now charge 7-14k for content strategy and website copy (design not included).

The highest paid web designers embrace design and content