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Don’t be held back simply because you work alone

Working by yourself can be great sometimes, but what happens when you want to bounce an idea off of someone you trust? What happens when you need advice? What happens when you’re just plain stuck and can’t see the obvious answer? That’s where your community comes in.

We (Matt & Damian) both work on our own, in different cities, and have learned a lot from being a part of other online groups. We think having a team you can rely on consistently to help you overcome obstacles can be life-changing. Think of us as an extension of your creative team, always there to answer questions and offer guidance.


Damian in his lonely office

Weekly coaching calls to help you reach your goals faster

Refine your skills

and create stellar websites for your clients

Feel confident

in your business plans and grow at your pace

Get certified

and know you can solve problems with ease


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Why do I need this?

Speed up your learning process

Shorten the learning curve as much as possible by getting feedback and guidance from weekly group coaching

Become an expert website strategist

Get the oversight and motivation needed to elevate your skills to the next level with guidance from 2 strategy/copy pros

Learn from your fellow designers

Seeing more project examples from your peers will help round out your understanding of key principles of content strategy and copywriting

Grow your professional network

Meet other like-minded designers on the same journey as you. Share and receive tips that help build trust and friendships

Confidently raise your rates

Feel comfortable selling yourself to clients, and deliver the value that demands higher rates with your refined skill set

Deliver world-class websites

Build loyal, career-long clients by providing more insight and value than your average web designer

What’s included?

Weekly group calls
Slack community

Strategy+Copywriting Coaching

You’ll get weekly guidance on all aspects of your client work, giving you the opportunity to excel at strategy and copywriting more quickly than you could on your own. Having Matt and Damian reviewing your work, along with your fellow Pro members during our group calls, will give you the critical feedback needed to impress the hell out of your clients.

  • Get the answers you need from clients
  • Filter out the unnecessary fluff from client feedback
  • Translate your client feedback into website copy more quickly and easily
  • Better understand how to use formulas to your advantage
  • Learn how to spot patterns that make copywriting easier when observing fellow Pro members feedback

Business Development Support

One call a month, we will focus on providing tips on developing your business. From your own web presence to outreach and sales, this work will allow you to feel more confident in the future of your web design business. Learn about:
  • Defining your packages, offers, and pricing
  • New business acquisition strategy
  • Optimizing your website
  • Developing a referral strategy to get more leads
  • Strengthening your sales calls
  • And other topics the group is facing as they grow their business


The details of your WriteSite Pro Certification:
  • You must demonstrate a clear ability to execute content strategy and copywriting on 2 client projects and your own website
  • Present these websites on WriteSite Pro calls
  • Once these sites are complete, you’ll receive a WriteSite Pro Badge
  • Add your WriteSite Pro Badge to your website and LinkedIn profile to show credibility to your clients

BONUS: After being WriteSite Pro Certified, get a referral link to share WriteSite with others and get 25% of every course you sell!

Together we can do great things

Though you may be asking yourself…

Can’t I just learn this in the course?


Our weekly calls and Slack community will provide the accountability needed to accelerate your growth. It provides a much deeper experience that allows you to accomplish your goals more quickly and easily.

So how does it work?


Join the weekly calls to get personalized guidance


Level up your content strategy and copywriting skills


Feel a new confidence that you’ll provide big value to all your clients

Don’t go it alone. You deserve the support to fuel your growth.


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